Producer, Writer, DJ.

Selector @bboysounds.

DJ CHiEF’s music has been featured at the biggest Bboy events around the world, including:

Red Bull BC One

Battle of the Year

Silverback Open

Miami Pro-Am

With two top-selling albums available online and countless singles over the years, DJ CHiEF’s music is a staple at international Bboy battles.

Through Bboysounds, DJ CHiEF has also interviewed some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop history and Bboy culture, including:

Afrika Bambaataa

Yellow Benjy Melendez
(Ghetto Brothers)

Jungle Brothers

Cut Chemist

Camp Lo

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DJ CHiEF’s latest album “Bits and Pieces”
Released 8/21/2015:

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DJ CHiEF’s latest original tracks:

DJ CHiEF’s previous album “Instant Cipher”
Released 1/9/2015:

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