DJ CHiEF's Bboy Breaks

DJ CHiEF’s collection of original Bboy Breaks is born of years on the Breakin’ scene and taking in the energy that was laid down 50 years ago on a James Brown joint and mashing it up against the modern-day sounds that light up the bboy cipher.

Many of these tracks have been featured by DJs around the world, dropping in on the Red Bull BC One cipher, Battle of the Year, and more regional jams for international Bboys, Bgirls, and Hip-Hoppers.

Most of these tracks are available for free download, and everyone is welcome to download, remix, rhyme over, use on your mixtape, etc, just make sure to give credit and send me a link!

To inquire about production, remixing, and any related services, contact me now!

Check out these clips of DJ CHiEF’s Bboy Breaks in action around the world!