DJ CHiEF Bboy Songs at Silverback Open

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DJ CHiEF bboy songs at Silverback Open

Anyone who watched the live stream of the Silverback Open last weekend knows it was INSANE! The battles were crazy, the ciphers were dope, and thanks to the superstar DJs Blesone, FLEGFoxx Boogie, and DJ Scream, the music was on point!

A lot of people have been asking for the soundtrack, as the DJs used many original bboy breaks and dropped some of the dopest bboy songs and battle beats ever!

Thanks to DJ Foxx Boogie, lots of DJ CHiEF tracks made it into the mix, including:

Snake Bite” and “España
Victor vs. Kid Colombia 1/4 Finals

DL “Snake Bite” here

DL “España” here

Uh Oh” (first song)
Body Carnival vs. 7 Commandos Semi-Finals

DL “Uh Oh” here

Alkolil vs. Thomas

DL “Fredo” here

Killa Kolya vs. Sunni

DL “Ballooon!” here

Graffite” (second song)
Nasty Ray vs. Gravity

DL “Graffite” here

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There are many more dope tracks from all the DJs that played at Silverback Open, so make sure to visit and follow DJs Blesone, FLEGFoxx Boogie, and DJ Scream too!