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About DJ CHiEF

Dj Chief

DJ CHiEF is a writer, producer, and DJ from South Florida, and a curator for Bboysounds.


DJ CHiEF’s music has been featured at the biggest Bboy events around the world, including:

Red Bull BC One

Battle of the Year

Silverback Open

Miami Pro-Am

With top-selling albums and mixtapes available online and countless singles over the years, DJ CHiEF’s music is a staple at international Bboy battles.

Through Bboysounds, DJ CHiEF has also interviewed some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop history and Bboy culture, including:

Afrika Bambaataa

Yellow Benjy Melendez
(Ghetto Brothers)

Jungle Brothers

Cut Chemist

Camp Lo

Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, DJ CHiEF started mixing music on dual cassette decks in the late 1980s, and began making beats in the mid 1990s, working mostly with turntables and an early sampler built into a Gemini DJ mixer.

DJ CHiEF’s first gigs were at his high school, Palm Beach Gardens Community High, the 45th St. Flea Market in West Palm Beach, Planet Ice in Palm Beach Gardens, and Atlantis Skateway in Lake Worth.

Eventually, DJ CHiEF would play at some of downtown West Palm Beach’s hottest venues (despite being only 16 years old) and music festivals, also producing mixtapes for local promoters.

BackYard Funk Crew: Ynot, CHiEF, Snake, Pie Masta, and Crazy C
BackYard Funk Crew: (clockwise from left) Ynot, CHiEF, Snake, Pie Masta, and Crazy C

In summer of 2000 at age 17, DJ CHiEF moved to Orlando, Florida, attending University of Central Florida, and producing tracks with a number of local artists.

Beginning in 2004, DJ CHiEF started playing at the infamous Down to Earth Mondays at AKA Lounge in downtown Orlando, alongside Brain Reward, DJ Rincon, DJ Caution, and DJ Aeon, organized by Venny and Diversity Beats, eventually joining up with the notorious BackYard Funk Crew.

DJ CHiEF played for many of the central Florida Bboy events, becoming a regular fixture at Lito’s For Your Soul, UCF’s Battle of the Elements, Flash’s Central Florida Fair jam (video below), and a number of other events in the region.

Moving back to Palm Beach County in 2009, DJ CHiEF collaborated with longtime friend Sway Beats on the first of Bboysounds’ Radio Breaks Worldwide podcasts, conducting interviews with Hip-Hop and Bboy heroes like Afrika Bambaataa, Yellow Benjy Melendez, Cut Chemist, Afrika Baby Bam of Jungle Brothers, and many more, while spotlighting the DJs, bands, artists, and producers from around the world that were contributing the universe of Bboy music.

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